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Turkey Pipette Dropper

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Create Succulent Meats Bursting with Flavour in Minutes!

Baste the most flavourful roast using the Turkey Pipette Dropper! This complete basting set comes with everything you need to pack juicy flavour into the meat with mess-free ease.

Its powerful suction lets it suck up meat juices without messy excess dripping. It comes with a detachable basting brush for evenly spreading thick sauces and a meat injector that deeply penetrates the meat to fill it with flavour.


Quality Material: Durably made from a quality, food-grade materials that are highly heat resistant up to 450°F.

Powerful Suction:
Sucks up meat juices, fats, and gravy without excess dripping so you can baste your roast easily without a mess.

Basting Brush:
A detachable, silicone brush for spreading thick sauces and marinades, evenly distributing it over your roast.

Meat Injector:
A stainless steel injector that easily penetrates the meat to inject herbs, fats, and marinades deep inside, filling it with flavor.

Cleaning Brush:
Comes with a long, thin cleaning brush that’s easy to insert into the baster, thoroughly scrubbing inside.

Dual Measurements:
Lined with clearly marked measurements in ounces and milliliters on a crystal clear body for easy reading.


Material: Acrylic, Silicone, Stainless Steel

Package Includes:

1 x Turkey Pipette Dropper