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Australia wide Fast & Free Shipping šŸšš, Risk free 30 days money back guarantee on our Online orders šŸ§”

Stackable Plastic Shoe Storage Organizer - 20 Sets

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The Stackable Plastic Shoe Storage Organiser is a versatile and practical solution for keeping your space organised and clutter-free.

Clear Door for Easy Viewing: These storage boxes come with a completely clear door, providing effortless visibility of the contents within. You can easily identify and access your shoes without the need to remove the box from the stack, ensuring convenience in your daily routine.

Multi-Functional Design: These boxes are not just for shoes. They serve a multitude of purposes, making them suitable for organising toys, tools, accessories, clothes, groceries, and more. The versatility of these organisers adds to their practicality in various settings.

Lightweight and Portable: The shoe boxes are lightweight, making them easy to move and place in any desired location. Whether it's in the corridor, garden, terrace, or yard, these organisers can be placed wherever you need them, providing a flexible storage solution.

Ventilation Holes for Air Circulation: To prevent odours and ensure adequate air circulation, the storage boxes feature ventilation holes. This thoughtful design element helps maintain the freshness of the stored items, which is particularly beneficial for shoes and other belongings.

Clear Window for Contents Viewing: The inclusion of a clear window allows you to effortlessly view the contents of each box. This feature adds an extra layer of convenience, especially when you have multiple boxes stacked together.

Stackable Design for Maximum Storage: Stackability is a key feature of these organizers. You can stack multiple units to maximise your storage space, making them an excellent choice for those looking to optimise their available storage area.

The Stackable Plastic Shoe Storage Organiser offers a combination of clarity, versatility, and convenience. Whether you're organising shoes or various items around your home, these storage boxes prove to be a valuable addition to your organisational arsenal.


Shelves: 20
Material: PP, ABS
Item Width: 24cm
Item Length: 32.6cm
Item Height: 14cm
Colour: Transparent
Special Feature: Stackable, Foldable, Airtight
Condition: New

Package Includes

  • 20 x StackableĀ Plastic Shoe Storage OrganizerĀ