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LED Glowing Basketball

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Current price $69.49

Introducing the LED Glowing Basketball - your ticket to an electrifying game, any time of the day! With a simple tap, this innovative basketball illuminates your play with two embedded LEDs, making every bounce a spectacle.

Key Features

  1. Illuminating LEDs: Embedded LEDs light up with a tap, enhancing visibility during night games.
  2. Self-Activating Light: The ball automatically lights up with each bounce and fades after 40 seconds of inactivity.
  3. Long Battery Life: Pre-loaded with batteries for instant play and long-lasting illumination.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Play in low-light conditions with ease.
  • Improved Reflexes: Sharpen your reaction times with the glowing ball.
  • Exciting Gameplay: Add a thrilling new dimension to your basketball experience.


  • Size: Standard basketball size.
  • Material: Durable rubber for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Color: Traditional basketball color by day, vibrant glow by night.

Package Includes

  • LED Glowing Basketball
  • Pre-loaded batteries